eBook Review - The ultimate cheat sheet - 7 Keys to happiness

Hello everyone, I was just scrolling through my Google Plus feed when i came across a post which had this eBook - The Ultimate Cheat Sheet – 7 Keys to happiness. Whilst being intrigued by the title I thought of reviewing it and here’s my outlook about this little eBook.

Cover Design:
The design is simple yet inspiring. It lets those soothing vibes from it which instantly makes your mind relax. A good choice of the background though I wished the font color for text on the cover could be something contrasting that could help me to distinguish it easily from the background without straining my eyes over it.

The content is well arranged and there’s an excellent use of pictures in this book which has that soothing aura making you feel relaxed and happy, putting your mind in a happy-calm state. The book has inspiring quotes and tips that will make you feel better and have a better outlook towards life. Thus serving its purpose of making you happy. It revolves around 7 Keys to happiness where it gives you a sort of reasoning and simple hacks to live life happily. It’s a short and sweet little effort that is worth a read. Though, I would love if the content was much more elaborated and well described as the content really cuts back to 3-4 pages where images take over most of the space. I would rate this short little book 3 stars for serving its purpose and letting out good vibes to readers.

About Author

Walking in the path of becoming a motivational speaker, Neha believes that everyone deserves to be happy. When not blogging, you can find her getting lost in her books, meditating or finding ways to make the world a better place.

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